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A passion and passions must be cultivated!

Since 1956 there have been three generations with the same goal: the pleasure and satisfaction to see an idea come true, to turn plastic into a project, YOUR project!

Three generations totally pledged themselves to customer service, a passage and a sharing of passion, experience and knowledge for an organizational and productive synergy at the highest levels of efficiency.

Our story

In 1956, Gianni Rocchi founded "La Meccanoplastica".

Our reality, today.

Our Company

LA MECCANOPLASTICA is based in Calolziocorte (LC):

  • 1500 m2 covered with flexibility and craftsmanship for an Italian quality product, and guaranteed by a certified UNI ISO 9001- 2015 facility.
  • High-tech plastic and thermosetting injection moulds for high-quality production.
  • Thanks to the performance of the latest generation presses from 50 to 300 ton. we can find the perfect solution to the customer's needs.

Our Goals

  • Complete customer satisfaction;
  • Maximum collaboration to achieve and deliver excellent results;
  • Use of sustainable products in the respect of the environment;
  • Use of non-polluting raw materials;
  • Safeguarding the transparency of business relations;
  • Maximum attention for workers' security.

La Meccanoplastica has always been known to give maximum priority to operational flexibility and for the speed with which orders are carried out. This makes our company a competent and reliable partner at your service.
We are at your complete disposal for any information or clarification.


Reducing energy consumption and environmental sustainability are goals achieved with a comprehensive intervention on Moulding Processes.

Photovoltaic Plant - We offer our customers high environmental sustainability with significant CO2 emission reduction.

Refrigerated Water System – FREE-COOLER SYSTEM: We use the outside air temperature to cool the process water (normally cooled by the chiller through the work of refrigerating compressors).

Compressed air system - COMPRESSOR WITH INVERTER, (electronic speed control system of electric engine), CONSUMES ONLY the energy to produce the compressed air required by the plant.


In addition to the use of traditional plastic materials, La Meccanoplastica proposes the use of ECO-MATERIALS.

They are environmentally sustainable materials that, by promoting a closed loop, do not increase oil extraction, save natural resources, and contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

An ECO polyamide can contain up to 70% PA per fibre resulting from post-industrial recovery, with a mechanical performance comparable to the original product.

Our Certifications

Committed to achieving and maintaining the quality of the products and services offered to its Customers, La Meccanoplastica operates according to the UNI ISO 9001-2015 norms, for which it has been certified since 2000.

CSQ Certification
IQNet Certification
Informazioni ai sensi art.1 comma 125 legge 4/8/2017 n.124
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